Employability Advisor

Permanent employee, Full-time · Paris

Your mission
The Employability Advisor is accountable of guiding students and providing them with career
advising throughout their academic journey and for providing students with the tools to
succeed in their professional life. They shall offer career guidance, assign, monitor and
evaluate internships as well as monitor the career evolution, performance and success of
students during their studies and once graduated.
This role will be the primary contact for career services and will coordinate with other
departments and across all campuses to ensure the student's needs are addressed. The
Employability Advisor will actively engage with students in mentorship and keep ongoing
regular communication, participate and organize activities and initiatives to increase
employability, retention and graduation rates, and keep updated data for compliance and
regulatory needs. 
The Employability Advisor is responsible for matching students with
potential employers and creating employment opportunities for students in their chosen field.
This position is responsible for:
- ensuring employability advising to students throughout their journey at Schiller
- ensuring graduate placement ratings meet or exceed the stated annual goals.
Your profile
  • Provides assistance to students and alumni in all areas related to job placement, including but not limited to mock interviews, resume workshops, resume editing, career search workshops, internship/externship placement assistance, networking, maintaining a career board.
  • Organizes companies/ institutions visits to partners that hire Schiller students.
  • Enable the GEP - Global Employability Path – for the campus.
  • Monitor the progress of students in the GEP.
  • Collect career placement data from all Schiller International University graduates and report the data by year and program.
  • Responsible for tracking and regulatory reporting of career services statistics including but not limited to, accrediting requirements, gainful employment reporting, Federal and State reporting requirements.
  • Responsible to meet or exceed regulatory employment rate requirements and compliance standards set by accrediting bodies and the institution.
  • Works collaboratively with all members of the operations and academic teams to ensure student and graduate success.
  • Organize events and workshops to promote employability.
  • Strengthens the reputation of the institution by promoting excellence in student services.
  • Tracks employer satisfaction, student performance and graduate success.
  • Assists students and alumni in identification of their professional interests and skills in order to further advise them in career exploration and to achieve professional success upon graduation.
  • Employment Postings and Placement Monitoring
  • Responsible for the development of partnerships between SIU and businesses that lead to internship opportunities.
  • Responsible for maintaining and growing a job bank for students and graduates
  • Acts as a liaison between students, graduates, and employers.
  • Follows guidelines and requirements, determined by regulatory agencies and University policies/procedures.
  • Maintains effective communication with students, staff, and faculty.
  • All other duties as assigned by the Campus Director or Dean of Students.
Employment Postings and Placement Monitoring
The success of the graduate’s education efforts is validated by the employment opportunities identified by Career Services: 
  • Network the industry and community organizations to enhance awareness.
  • Support students in the GEP, monitor progress.
  • Identify internships and job opportunities, post them on the student’s employment portal
  • Develop relationships with companies and institutions to create a pool of regular providers of internships and job offer for Schiller graduates.
  • Refer students to interviews and follow-up with calls to students and employers.
  • Monitor employer satisfaction (internships satisfaction surveys).
  • Maintains updated Graduation and Employment charts as required, and provides data required from leadership when needed.
  • Document placement transactions with graduates into database.
  • Other tasks as identified
Post Placement and Graduation
  • Graduate employment verification
  • Graduate Surveys- must go out 30 days after graduation
  • Employers Surveys- must go out 30 days after employment
  • Graduate Employment Survey 90 days after employment.
  • Graduate Survey 90 days after graduation for Not Placed Graduates
  • Participate in graduation planning and ceremonies
Alumni relationships
  • Maintain close relationships with alumni in the months/years following graduation
  • Update alumni database on a regular basis
  • Organize alumni events to maintain network and create momentum with students
  • Explore and implement alumni-student mentorship program
Position requirements
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with at least 5 years of prior related work in career services or employee placement is required. 
  • Strong written and verbal skills are required. 
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member, demonstrated excellence in customer service, multi-tasking, report accuracy and attention to details a must.
  • MS Office experience.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire students.
  • Either native English speaker or proficiency level of English competency.
  • Local language (French, German, Spanish), desirable.
About us
For over 50 years, we have firmly believed in experiential learning, an educational model that combines knowledge and skills acquisitions with solid humanist values. A combined learning process that guaranteed to all our students not only proficient professional capacities but also an international mindset to build inclusive and realistic scenarios that unify people, nations and cultures.

At SIU we are aware that our students will be part of a global, borderless and hyper-connected world. Thus, our 4 International Campuses provide undergraduate and graduate students with a high-quality variety of degrees valid both in the USA and Europe. All our programs are instructed in English and designed to be customized to each personal scenario. Additionally all our students are encouraged to study abroad at any time during their education to complete their professional expertise with truly life experiences that turn them in truly holistic profiles.  

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